Stephen Will Tanner

Senior Manager, Bioinformatics at Illumina in San Diego

Ph.D. from UCSD Bioinformatics program
Advisor: Vineet Bafna
Co-advisor: Julian Schroeder
Stephen Tanner has been known to sit on couches


I work at Illumina, managing the methods development group in bioinformatics. We develop algorithms used in next-generation DNA sequencing. These include things like image processing algorithms for converting raw data into base calls, or classification algorithms for metagenomics. Some of the highlights have been helping bring the HiSeq and MiSeq instruments to market. Even more exciting than the instruments are the things you can do with them - the impact on genomics on human health is just starting to be felt.

Past Research

My graduate research in the Bafna lab focused on mass spectrometry. I worked on Inspect and MS-Alignment, software tools for identification of peptides from tandem mass spectra. Inspect annotates tandem mass spectra efficiently by using a peptide sequence tags to filter the protein database. These tags are analogous to the short seeds used by BLAST, when searching for a sequence match. The tools are now available online to proteomics researchers. For the curious, here are my dissertation defense presentation slides and the dissertation itself. I wrote up a few notes on life in graduate school. Much more thorough guide for new and prospective grad students would be Ronald Azmua's guide to graduate school (from a CS perspective).

Personal Interests

  • I co-authored the Python 2.1 Bible, published by Hungry Minds (now Wiley). Python is an excellent and easy-to-learn high-level programming language. I highly recommend it, although these days I mostly use C#.

  • I enjoy making and listening to music.

  • I enjoy making and playing video games.

  • Here are some pictures I took or made.

    Publications (newest first)

    Francisco Garcia, Klaus Maisinger, Stephen Tanner, John Moon, Tobias Mann, Michael Lawrence Parkinson, Anthony James Cox, Haifang H. Ge. Patent US 2012/0020537 A1: Data processing system and methods - Real-time sequencing data analysis pipeline for generating base calls and quality scores from primary image data.

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